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  • Learn how to build a WaaS, that is completely owned and controlled by you 
  • Eliminate your growth cap once and for all by working with a multi tenant cloud environment  
  • Instal the right processes that will make your WaaS incredibly efficient, resulting in higher profit margins 
  • Completely eliminate all uncertainty out your development cycle, to create happy WordPress engineers ?
  • Foster a customer centric company by obtaining a complete focus on your customer and website product 
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in development and R&D, while becoming leaner and more competitive
  • Gain control over your time. Time to spend on your product or, better yet, family and friends


What’s unique 

For the first time, WaaS businesses are able to leverage the true power of WordPress open source. With WPCS you develop a website as you normally would using WordPress, instantly generate new websites based on your website product, and easily scale to thousands of websites – yet always managing one. 

Choose any of the themes, plugins or page builders out the entire WordPress ecosystem. 

  • Launch websites automatically using our API
  • Deliver high-performing websites at any scale
  • Complete control and ownership of your Waas
  • 100% confident WordPress development 

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Frequently asked questions 

What do you mean the "World's First"?

Aha, great question! This article explains why WPCS is a World’s First.

How does your pricing work?

After our Beta ends, we’ll charge $15,- per month per website. That’s to make sure your website runs blazing fast, is super secure and self-healing. Also, after 30 days, we’ll charge €30 per month for every Version of your Website Product. That’s to maintain and improve our platform, console and all the features that make sure you’re able to launch and sell websites at scale! We’ll introduce tiered discounts for enterprise level customers in the future. We’ll make sure it’s worth your while.

How is your hosting infrastructure built?

WPCS is a cloud platform that uses Kubernetes’ container orchestration tools to automatically scale and manage highly available digital products to multi-tenancy without ecosystem limitations.

Do I need any coding experience using WPCS?

Nope. All you need to know is how to create WordPress websites, you don’t need code experience for that. In theory though: the more code experience you have, the better you can create your website product. But there are millions of websites in the world built without code. Our system can be used without any code, all you have to focus on is creating one WordPress website that provides value to your niche. Code can be useful for that, but not necessary.

How do you handle updates and plug-ins?

The multi-tenant environment is set up when you create a version of you product. This means that the plugins and themes installed there are available to all tenants. Updating plugins or themes is done by creating a new version of your product, doing all updates therein and then moving tenants to the new version. In this way, all tenants will eventually have access to the new or updated functionality. It’s super easy.

How do I continue developing my WordPress Product after initial launch?

After you have created version 1 of a product and created a snapshot of your version for sale, you can create a new version (version 2) to continue developing your product. Sale of websites is then based on the snapshot you made of version 1. Version 2 is used as a production website in this way. When your version 2 is ready, you can take a snapshot of it so that it will be used for sale from now on. All existing customers who used version 1 can be moved to version 2, so that they will in fact receive an upgrade. You can keep creating new versions and upgrade your product in the same way after that. Using this method, you can develop versions independently and test whether the versions are mutually compatible.

Can site admins install new themes and plug-ins?

No, the only one who can edit code or change core features of the website is the product owner, which is you. This means that a site-admin (a tenant, being your customer) isn’t able to edit this. This is to make sure that your customer doesn’t change core features of your product. This guarantees no surprises when you move tenants to a new version of your product and improves its general stability.

Are all plug-ins compatible on WPCS?

Almost. Plugins that use the filesystem for their functionality, might not work properly within the multi-tenant environment. We endeavour to create compatibility modules for plugins with these features. If you run into one of these, please let us know! Also, sometimes there’s a limitation on licenses that you can purchase. However if you’re willing to pay, go right ahead.

Are you able to handle a large influx of traffic to a single site, without compromising other sites?

Thanks to our Kubernetes cloud infrastructure, our automatic scaling features make sure that no matter the influx of traffic to one or more of your tenant’s site, everything is highly available. Your products and their versions always run with redundancy, scalability and availability in mind.

What kinds of integrations do you offer?

We have a tight integration with Zapier, allowing you to create and remove tenants automatically. Besides that we also offer webhooks, which can be used by your custom platform.

What is your approach to backups?

Twice daily, stored for up to a month. You can also create backups of tenants manually, in case you (or your tenant) intends to heavily change their site.

Can I or a Tenant change hosts when I or they decide to leave?

Because we use WordPress, you can create an export of a fully functional website that can run on any other WordPress compliant hosting service. Keep in mind though, that any functionalities created that rely on the WPCS platform itself, will not be supported outside WPCS.

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